Manukau Gym Testimonial – Raewyn Shaw

by Rusty on April 29, 2013




Hi My name Rawyn Shaw I first joined fitness plus in 1999 as I had a back injury and was here to rehabilitate
I was over 30kg overweight at this time but in 15 months got down to my goal weight thanks to the team of trainers who were very helpful.
As the years went by I left changed jobs and stopped training to my horror gained the weight back again but a extra 10kg added.
I was diagnosed with berate cancer 2010 had 6 weeks radiation but lucky enough didn’t lose breasts as was only stage 1 breast cancer.
With depressing weight gain again and going through menopause I waited 2 years after operation then it was time to get this weight off as I felt so un comfortable.
I started back at the gym Feb 2012 with Wendy’s boot camps to start with, I persisted with this journey and I slowly have taken the weight off.
It was a great to have a happy trainer so helpful to help with this journey. I did about 4 boot camps with Wendy in 2012 and can’t thank her enough as she is a true leader and kept pushing us girls and helped us with healthy eating also. In 2013 I wanted more so now I do one on one training with another team member and Florence Ellis as our trainer.
I now have lost just over 20kg and are half way to my goal target. If it wasn’t got the friendly gym instructors, great help I wouldn’t be here, but I don’t want to stop now and I am saving to go to Hawaii 2013 as it will be big 50 YES (Hawaii5) this is been my goal you need to have them it really helps. So 2014 I want to be at my goal weight and with this great gym and staff I will be!

-Raewyn Shaw



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