12 Week Challenge – meet the winners!

by Wendy on August 29, 2012

As we are nearing the end of our second 12 week challenge for the year, we thought it high time that we featured the joint winners from round one – Paul who trained with Cathy and Brian who trained with Ivan. Both men had amazing transformations and are continuing on in their fitness journeys.

Here’s Brian’s story:

Feeling the effects of Christmas, I decided it was time to get back into shape so I entered the 12 week challenge from 20th Febuary-13th May. It turned out to be a good idea.
We were split into groups working with the trainers of our choice, and these trainers all worked together to help us every way possible. Different trainers trained on different days and times which made it flexible for every one. We were given food lists and samples of daily meals which showed our calories intake. With the help from the trainers and diet plans I was able to come first equal and lose just over 15kg in the 12 weeks.
I had so much fun that even though I don’t need to lose much more weight, I still decided to do another 12 week challenge just for the group training and fun we have working out together.

Good luck and train hard.

Brian Tangney


And here are Paul’s thoughts on the challenge:

The key to winning in the end was not wearing any underpants on the final weigh in day 🙂 Seriously though, this challenge was that close, and that is the kind of mind-set you need to have to achieve your results. Every little thing counts if you want to make a difference over those 12 weeks. So unless you have sorted out your mind first, your body won’t follow –  healthy mind, healthy body.

To succeed you need to have a plan, and that is what the 12 week challenge is all about.

You set yourself goals, and specifically detail a training and eating regime to achieve it, and the challenge works because you have group support doing it.

The success of Cathy’s group was that we worked as a close team, and monitored and supported each other’s progress, so we kept going with our individual plans.

That’s why 3 out of the small group made it into the top 4 of the challenge.

The key for me, was to have a set regime that I could follow, and via the trainers at Fitness Plus, had an exercise plan and they also provided the opportunity to detail a specific eating plan.

I do a bit of property investing and I know to bring experts in to do the renovating. I also use a specialist property accountant.  I wouldn’t do these things myself, and I in the same way, I certainly wouldn’t ask my lawyer about how to lose weight and stay fit.

That’s why you need to see a personal trainer, use the knowledge of experts in the fields of exercise and nutrition and bring it all together in a 12 week challenge. Once you have a set exercise plan and detailed meal options, all you have to do is follow the plan to succeed.

It was that simple, you don’t need to think, just follow what you have been told to do and you will succeed. I felt like I was “In the zone” !! When I fell off the plan- and you do –  then my improvement faltered and my weight went up, but the key for me was to then get back into it and keep going, which is where the group motivation helped.

For me, it was great to have a 12 week burst, to really go crazy and make the most impact on my body weight and fitness as I could. I think it was about 14kg, 13% of 104kg starting weight. It pushed me into a habit of healthy eating and exercise, and I learned to cut out food that I didn’t need which would stop me losing weight.

Since the challenge I’ve gone back to a bit of normality but have taken on some of the things I learned as permanent changes to way I live.

I’m maintaining the improvements I made, and not going back to old bad habits.

Keeping my underpants on, and staying a bit more in control of my eating 🙂

Paul Magill

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