8 Week Challenge Starts!!! – Let’s get motivated!!!

by Wendy on January 30, 2013

8 Week Challenge Challenge starts Monday 11th February – 7th April Assessment week Monday 4th – Sunday 10th February last weigh in dates 8th April – 12th April – Presentation Sat 13th April at 1.30pm (BBQ at Gym) The 8 week challenge is going to be a little different this time round, to allow both weight loss, body fat loss and muscle growth competitors to join and battle it out with each other and there is no disadvantage for all in the group!!! Therefore we will be letting technology and an outsider judge the final winners….. The challengers will be able to choose a trainer who can look after individuals in their group and will also be able to run up to 1 x group train a week in a time slot they choose. The winners will be judged on overall body fat % loss and visual body transformation change, judged by an outsider (not a staff or gym member) $100 to join or for non gym members $325.00 (includes a 12 week gym membership)




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